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TFO Phoenix is pleased to announce a new benefit for its most valued clients. TFO Phoenix has partnered with PinnacleCare, a leader in private health advisory, to provide you direct access to the best medical resources, advice, and guidance. You now have access to key PinnacleCare services, including:

  • Facilitated appointment access – Unprecedented access to top medical institutions when you need it the most. PinnacleCare will provide pre-appointment analysis and advisory when needed and select an appropriate Center of Excellence based on a specific diagnosis. PinnacleCare will coordinate a facilitated appointment at one of the world’s leading hospitals.
  • Physician referral report – PinnacleCare will prepare a customized medical referral report, identifying up to three top specialists for any medical condition, anywhere in the world. The report will include the physicians’ backgrounds, education, areas of specialty, location, board certifications, hospital affiliations, and insurances accepted.
  • Episode of care – PinnacleCare will provide a report for up to three specialists, including physician background, education, areas of specialty, location, board certifications, hospital affiliations, and insurances accepted. PinnacleCare will then coordinate an expedited appointment with the specialist chosen and schedule a follow-up consultation with the client.
  • Comprehensive research report – PinnacleCare will prepare a comprehensive research report for any specific medical condition, disease, or health topic. PinnacleCare will first conduct a pre-report discussion to set parameters of research and then prepare the report based on the most up-to-date research findings and clinical data. The report will include, as appropriate, medical topic overview, outcomes, screening, staging, references, and any additional pertinent parameters.
  • Virtual consultation – A convenient way for patients to get second opinions from world renowned medical institutions without having to leave their country or even their home. While a Virtual Consultation is not meant to be a substitute for a face-to-face interaction with a physician, it offers guidance and direction or sometimes reassurance that a recommended treatment plan is appropriate.
  • Health insurance consultations – Designed for those who are no longer covered by company-based healthcare plans, who must now determine the best coverage for themselves and their loved ones. The insurance specialists help you make crucial health insurance coverage decisions with the assurance that these decisions are based on the best available options in your state.

These services are available to you and your families as a client benefit. TFO Phoenix wishes to empower you with a combination of resources and tools to ensure that you are achieving the highest quality and most efficient healthcare possible. We hope you utilize PinnacleCare for any current or future medical needs.

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PinnacleCare and its employees do not diagnose medical conditions, recommend treatment options, or provide medical care. Any information or services provided should not be considered medical advice. Any medical decisions should be made only after consultation with and at the direction of your medical provider. Any person or entity who provides healthcare services following a referral or other service provided does so independently and not as an agent or representative of PinnacleCare.