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Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Whether you are confronting a complex health situation or you want  input from a medical specialist about your diagnosis or treatment plan, having a physician specialist on the medical staff at Memorial Sloan Kettering on your side can offer peace of mind that you or your family member is receiving appropriate medical care.

Through PinnacleCare VirtualConnect, you can obtain second opinions from physician specialists without having to leave home. PinnacleCare will collect all of the records and medical information pertinent to your diagnosis and work with Memorial Sloan Kettering to identify an appropriate specialist for your case. The service is convenient, completely confidential, and easy to get started.

Situations that would likely benefit from a remote second opinion include:

  • a new diagnosis and/or treatment plan
  • a change in treatment plan has been recommended
  • surgery or an invasive procedure has been recommended
  • the diagnosis is unclear

Note: This program should not be accessed for urgent or emergency situations that require immediate medical assistance.