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Healthcare Navigation &
Expert Medical Opinions

Are you or a loved one facing a complex medical situation? As a Bank of America Preferred Rewards Diamond and Diamond Honors tier members, you receive complimentary access to help you with this acute situation and access the most qualified medical care.

PinnacleCare can save you the time and stress of navigating a complicated medical diagnosis by helping you access top medical expertise on a local, regional or national basis. Your family will benefit by regaining a sense of control during an overwhelming and emotional medical situation and assuaging your fears—ultimately providing you with the opportunity for the best possible medical outcome.

Through our high-touch, relationship driven approach, your dedicated Client Advisor, along with  our team of Medical Directors, will assess your medical situation and determine with the right course of action to help you access the right medical expertise.

Benefits we may provide based on your situation:

  • Researched, unbiased referrals to leading specialists – get the right answers the first time, ultimately saving you time and reducing your stress.
  • Objective medical intelligence and research – make educated and informed decisions that give you back control of your situation.
  • Access to top medical specialists and hospitals – eliminate the guesswork from a complicated medical situation. We know the healthcare system’s challenges and how to navigate around them.
  • Logistical coordination of care – save time, lower your stress, and access the care you need as quickly and efficiently as possible. We understand how the healthcare system works and the nuances between different medical systems. We have teams dedicated to all aspects of the practical care management.
  • Collection and transfer of medical records – lower your chances of medical mistakes, schedule appointments faster, speed up the process of getting an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan, and reduce your burden of doing it on your own.

Navigating the healthcare system is challenging, and piloting a complex diagnosis is daunting and overwhelming. PinnacleCare founded the “private health advisory” industry in 2001 and has perfected the role of a “medical quarterback” to help families facing a challenging medical situation. PinnacleCare ensures that its Members understand their options, and we objectively guide them down the right path to identify the highest level of medical expertise that optimizes their care and health outcomes.

Over the last two decades, PinnacleCare has navigated virtually every medical scenario. A complex diagnosis may feel like uncharted territory to you, but to us, it is a very familiar path.

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For additional information about services available through PinnacleCare, please visit our website: www.PinnacleCare.com.

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PinnacleCare and its employees do not diagnose medical conditions, recommend treatment options, or provide medical care. Any information or services provided should not be considered medical advice. Any medical decisions should be made only after consultation with and at the direction of your medical provider. Any person or entity who provides healthcare services following a referral or other service provided does so independently and not as an agent or representative of PinnacleCare.